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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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A FISH STORY                          163
' This will never do,' said Thuggai, the oldest of all the fish tribe. ' We shall die of cold unless we can light the fire again,' and he bade his sons rub two sticks together in the hope of kindling a flame, but though they rubbed till they were tired, not a spark could they produce.
' Let me try,' cried Biernuga, the bony fish, but he
had no better luck, and no more had Kumbal, the bream, nor any of the rest.
' It is no use,' exclaimed Thuggai, at last. ' The wood is too wet. We must just sit and wait till the sun comes out again and dries it.' Then a very little fish indeed, not more than four inches long and the youngest of the tribe, bowed himself before Thuggai, saying,
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