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172                THE WONDERFUL TUNE
why people say how Maurice Connor has stopped sending the luck-token to his mother. Poor woman, she did not live to get as much as one of them ; for what through the loss of Maurice, and the fear of eating her own grandchildren, she died in three weeks after the dance. Some say it was the fatigue that killed her, but whichever it was, Mrs. Connor was decently buried with her own people.
Seafaring people have often heard, off the coast of Kerry, on a still night, the sound of music coming up from the water ; and some, who have had good ears, could plainly distinguish Maurice Connor's voice singing these words to his pipesó
Beautiful shore, with thy spreading strand, Thy crystal water, and diamond sand ; Never would I have parted from thee, But for the sake of my fair ladie.
From ' Fairy Tales and Traditions of the South of Ireland.
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