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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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battlements of the city, and stopped for a moment to gaze about him.
It happened that an old sick man who lived near by had begged to be carried out and to be laid at the foot of the wall so that the beams of the rising sun might fall upon him, and he would be able to talk with his friends as they passed by to their work. Little did he guess that on top of the battlements, exactly over his head, stood a man who was taking his last lock at the same sun, before going to his death that awaited him. But so it was ; and as the steeple opposite was touched by the golden light, the poor man shut his eyes and sprang forward. The wall was high, and he flew rapidly through the air, but it was not the ground he touched, only the body of the sick man, who rolled over and died without a groan. As for the other, he was quite unhurt, and was slowly rising to his feet when his arms were suddenly seized and held.
' You have killed our father, do you see ? do you see ? ' cried two young men, ' and you will come with us this instant before the judge, and answer for it.'
' Your father ? but I don't know him. What do you mean ? ' asked the poor man, who was quite be­wildered with his sudden rush through the air, and could not think why he should be accused of this fresh crime. But he got no reply, and was only hurried through the streets to the court-house, where his brother, the muleteer, and the farmer had just arrived, all as angry as ever, all talking at once, till the judge entered and ordered them to be silent.
' I will hear you one by one,' he said, and motioned the younger brother to begin.
He did not take long to state his case. The un­finished houses were his, left him with the rest of the property by his father, and his brother refused to give them up. In answer, the poor man told, in a few words, how he had begged the houses from his brother,
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