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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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208                THE ONE-HANDED GIRL
But what has happened ? Why did they He to me ? and why did you leave my house where you were safe ? ' And he turned and looked fiercely at his father.
' Let me finish my tale first, and then you will know,' answered she, throwing back her veil, and she told how her brother had come to the palace and accused her of being a witch, and had tried to persuade the king to slay her. ' But he would not do that,' she continued softly, ' and after all, if I had stayed on in your house, I should never have met the snake, nor have got my hand back again. So let us forget all about it, and be happy once more, for see ! our son is growing quite a big boy.'
' And what shall be done to your brother ? ' asked the king, who was glad to think that someone had acted in this matter worse than himself.
' Put him out of the town,' answered she.
From 'Swaheli Tales,' by E. Steere.
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