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THE BONES OF DJULUNG              213
to spend the rest of his life in visiting the islands that lay all round. Happily for him, he began with the island that was nearest, and here in the forest he sud­denly saw standing before him the iron tree, its boughs covered with sliining leaves like the one he carried about him.
' But what sort of a tree is it, and how did it get here ? ' he asked of the attendants he had with him. No one could answer him, but as they were about to pass out of the forest a little boy went by, and the king stopped and inquired if there was anyone living in the neighbourhood whom he might question.
' Seven girls live in a hut down there,' replied the boy, pointing with his finger to where the sun was setting.
' Then go and bring them here, and I will wait,' said the king, and the boy ran off and told the sisters that a great chief, with strings of jewels round his neck, had sent for them.
Pleased and excited the six elder sisters at once followed the boy, but the youngest, who was busy, and who did not care about strangers, stayed behind, to finish the work she was doing. The king welcomed the girls eagerly, and asked them all manner of questions about the tree, but as they had never even heard of its existence, they could tell him nothing. ' And if we, who live close by the forest, do not know, you may be sure no one does,' added the eldest, who was rather cross at finding this was all that the king wanted of them.
' But the boy told me there were seven of you, and there are only six here,' said the king.
' Oh, the youngest is at home, but she is always half asleep, and is of no use except to cut wood for the fire,' replied they in a breath.
' That may be, but perhaps she dreams,' answered the king. ' Anyway, I will speak to her also.' Then he
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