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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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THE SEA KING'S GIFT                 223
heavens, the tempest had ceased, and only the swell of the sea rose in silvery heavings against the red rock.
' What can that be ? ' said the old woman, as she peeped out of the door.
' It looks like a big seal,' said Matte.
' As sure as I live, it's a cow !' exclaimed Maie
And certainly it was a cow, a fine red cow, fat and flourishing, and looking as if it had been fed all its days on spinach. It wandered peacefully up and down the shore, and never so much as even looked at the poor little tufts of grass, as if it despised such fare.
Matte could not believe his eyes. But a cow she seemed, and a cow she was found to be; and when the old
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