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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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228                  THE SEA KING'S GIFT
and the maids, and the thirty beautiful cows, and the steamer, and everything else ? '
' You are talking nonsense, mother,' said he. ' The students have quite turned your head, for you sang silly songs last evening while we were rowing, and then you could not sleep till early morning. We had stormy weather during the night, and when it was past I did not wish to waken you, so rowed out alone to rescue the net.'
' But I've seen Ahti,' rejoined Maie.
' You've been lying in bed, dreaming foolish fancies, mother, and then in your sleep you walked into the water.'
' But there is the fiddle,' said Maie.
' A fine fiddle ! It is only an old stick. No, no, old woman, another time we will be more careful. Good luck never attends fishing on a Sunday.'
From Z. Topelius.
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