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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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' Phew ! ' cried Lisa.
' Ugh !' cried Aina.
' What now ? ' cried the big sister.
' A worm ! ' cried Lisa.
' On the raspberry ! ' cried Aina.
' Kill it! ' cried Otto.
' What a fuss over a poor little worm ! ' said the big sister scornfully.
' Yes, when we had cleaned the raspberries so care­fully,' said Lisa.
' It crept out from that very large one,' put in Aina.
' And supposing someone had eaten the raspberry,' said Lisa.
' Then they would have eaten the worm, too,' said Aina.
' Well, what harm ? ' said Otto.
' Eat a worm ! ' cried Lisa.
' And kill him with one bite ! ' murmured Aina.
' Just think of it! ' said Otto laughing.
' Now it is crawling on the table,' cried Aina again.
' Blow it away ! ' said the big sister.
' Tramp on it ! ' laughed Otto.
But Lisa took a raspberry leaf, swept the worm care­fully on to the leaf and carried it out into the yard. Then Aina noticed that a sparrow sitting on the fence was just getting ready to pounce on the poor little worm, so she took up the leaf, carried it out into the wood and hid it under a raspberrv bush where the greedy sparrow
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