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232                THE RASPBERRY WORM
' Yes,' said Aina, ' if we had only two good meat sandwiches now.'
As she said that, she felt something in her hand, and when she looked down, she saw a large sandwich of bread and chicken, and at the same time Lisa said : ' How very queer ! I have a sandwich in my hand.'
' And I, too,' said Aina. ' Will you dare to eat it ? '
' Of course I will,' said Lisa. ' Ah, if we only had a good glass of milk now ! '
Just as she said that she felt a large glass of milk between her fingers, and at the same time Aina cried out, ' Lisa ! Lisa ! I have a glass of milk in my hand ! Isn't it queer ? '
The girls, however, were very hungry, so they ate and drank with a good appetite. When they had finished Aina yawned, stretched out her arms and said : ' Oh, if only we had a nice soft bed to sleep on now ! '
Scarcely had she spoken before she felt a nice soft bed by her side, and there beside Lisa was one too. This seemed to the girls more and more wonderful, but tired and sleepy as they were, they thought no more about it, but crept into the little beds, drew the coverlets over their heads and were soon asleep.
When they awoke the sun was high in the heavens, the wood was beautiful in the summer morning, and the birds were flying about in the branches and the tree tops.
At first the girls were filled with wonder when they saw that they had slept in the wood among the raspberry bushes. They looked at each other, they looked at their beds, which were of the finest flax covered over with leaves and moss. At last Lisa said : ' Are you awake, Aina ? '
' Yes,' said Aina.
' But I am still dreaming,' said Lisa.
' No,' said Aina, ' but there is certainly some good fairy living among these raspberry bushes. Ah, if we
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