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Perhaps some of you may have read a book called ' Kenneth ; or the Rear-Guard of the Grand Army ' of Napoleon. If so, you will remember how the two Scotch children found in Russia were taken care of by the French soldiers and prevented as far as possible from suffering from the horrors of the terrible Retreat. One of the soldiers, a Breton, often tried to make them forget how cold and hungry they were by telling them tales of his native country, Brittany, which is full of wonderful things. The best and warmest place round the camp fire was always given to the children, but even so the bitter frost would cause them to shiver. It was then that the Breton would begin : ' Plouhinec is a small town near Hennebonne by the sea,' and would continue until Kenneth or Effie would inter­rupt him with an eager question. Then he forgot how his mother had told him the tale, and was. obliged to begin all over again, so the story lasted a long while, ind by the time it was ended the children were ready to be rolled up in whatever coverings could be found, and go to sleep.
It is this story that I am going to tell to you.
Plouhinec is a small town near Hennebonne by the sea. Around it stretches a desolate moor, where no corn can be grown, and the grass is so coarse that no beast grows fat on it. Here and there are scattered groves, of fir trees, and small pebbles are so thick on the ground
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