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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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He had almost given up hope, when on the very last day before it was necessary that he should start for Plouhinec, he came upon a little clump of trefoil, half hidden under a rock. Hardly able to breathe from excitement, he sat down and hunted eagerly through the plant which he had torn up. Leaf after leaf he threw aside in disgust, and he had nearly reached the end when he gave a cry of joy—the five-leaved trefoil was in his hand.
The beggar scrambled to his feet, and without a pause walked quickly down the road that led northwards. The moon was bright, and for some hours he kept steadily on, not knowing how many miles he had gone, nor even feeling tired. By and bye the sun rose, and the world began to stir, and stopping at a farmhouse door, he asked for a cup of milk and slice of bread and permission to rest for a while in the porch. Then he continued his journey, and so, towards sunset on New Year's Eve, he came back to Plouhinec.
As he was passing the long line of stones, he saw Bernez working with a chisel on the tallest of them all.
' What are you doing there ? ' called the wizard, ' do you mean to hollow out for yourself a bed in that huge column ?'
' No,' replied Bernez quietly, ' but as I happened to have no work to do to-day, I thought I would just carve a cross on this stone. The holy sign can never come amiss.'
' I believe you think it will help you to win Rozennik,' laughed the old man.
Bernez ceased his task for a moment to look at him.
' Ah, so you know about that,' replied he; ' unluckily Marzinne wants a brother-in-law who has more pounds than I have pence.'
' And suppose I were to give you more pounds than Marzinne ever dreamed of ? ' whispered the sorcerer, glancing round to make sure that no one overheard him.
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