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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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254             THE CASTLE OF KERGLAS
' Come,' exclaimed the lion, whose mouth watered, ' show me the birds ! I should like to see if they are fat enough for my master.'
' I would do it with pleasure,' answered the idiot, ' but if I once open the bag they will all fly away.'
' Well, open it wide enough for me to look in,' said the lion, drawing a little nearer.
Now this was just what Peronnik had been hoping for, so he held the bag while the lion opened it care-
fully and put his head right inside, so that he might get a good mouthful of larks. But the mass of feathers and glue stuck to him, and before he could pull his head out again Peronnik had drawn tight the cord, and tied it in a knot that no man could untie. Then, quickly gathering the flower that laughs, he rode off as fast as the colt could take him.
The path soon led to the lake of the dragons, which
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