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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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All that day she sat on a well which was near the gate, waiting, waiting, but the king's son never came. In the darkness she climbed up into an oak tree that shadowed the well, and there she lay all night, waiting, waiting.
On the morrow, at midday, the wife of a shoemaker who dwelt near the well went to draw water for her husband to drink, and she saw the shadow of
the girl in the tree, and thought it was her own shadow.
' How handsome I am, to be sure,' said she, gazing into the well, and as she stooped to behold herself better, the jug struck against the stones and broke in pieces, and she was forced to return to her husband without the water, and this angered him.
' Thou hast turned crazy,' said he in wrath. ' Go thou, my daughter, and fetch me a drink,' and the girl
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