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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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In old times, when all kinds of wonderful things hap­pened in Brittany, there lived in the village of Lanillis a young man named Houarn Pogamm and a girl called Bellah Postik. They were cousins, and as their mothers were great friends, and constantly in and out of each other's houses, they had often been laid in the same cradle, and had played and fought over their games.
' When they are grown up they will marry,' said the mothers ; but just as every one was beginning to think of wedding bells, the two mothers died, and the cousins, who had no money, went as servants in the same house. This was better than being parted, of course, but not so good as having a little cottage of their own, where they could do as they liked, and soon they might have been heard bewailing to each other the hardness of their lots.
' If we could only manage to buy a cow and get a pig to fatten,' grumbled Houarn, ' I would rent a bit of ground from the master, and then we could be married.'
' Yes,' answered Bellah, with a deep sigh ; ' but we live in such hard times, and at the last fair the price of pigs had risen again.'
' We shall have long to wait, that is quite clear,'' replied Houarn, turning away to his work.
Whenever they met they repeated their grievances, and at length Houarn's patience was exhausted, and one morning he came to Bellah and told her that he was going away to seek his fortune.
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