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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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fingers were tightening round her throat, but she
managed to cry :
' Is this you, my Houarn ? Is this you ? '
' It is I,' croaked the little frog ; and as the knife
touched him he was a man again, and, springing up, he
clasped her in his arms.
' But we must not forget the others,' she said at last, and began to transform the fishes to their proper shapes. There were so many of them that it took quite a long time. Just as she had finished there arrived the little dwarf from the Deer's Leap in a car drawn by six cockchafers, which once had been the six stone eggs.
' Here I am ! ' he exclaimed. ' You have broken the spell that held me, and now come and get your reward,' and, dismounting from his chariot, he led them down into the caves filled with gold and jewels, and bade Bellah and Houarn take as much as they wanted.
When their pockets were full, Bellah ordered her stick to become a winged carriage, large enough to bear them and the men they had rescued back to Lanillis.
There they were married the next day, but instead of setting up housekeeping with the little cow and pig to fatten that they had so long wished for, they were able to buy lands for miles round for themselves, and gave each man who had been delivered from the Groac'h a small farm, where he lived happily to the end of his days.
From ' Le Foyer Bretou,' par E. Souvestre.
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