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them, so that they were hidden one from the other. Trembling they sat till the darkness fled and the light shone again upon them, but in the place where they were wont to see cattle, and herds, and dwellings, they beheld neither house nor beast, nor man nor smoke; neither was any one remaining in the green place save these four only.
' Whither have they gone, and my host also ? ' cried Manawyddan, and they searched the hall, and there was no man, and the castle, and there was none, and in the dwellings that were left was nothing save wild' beasts. For a year these four fed on the meat that Manawyddan and Pryderi killed out hunting, and the honey of the bees that sucked the mountain heather. For a time they desired nothing more, but when the next year began they grew weary.
' We cannot spend our lives thus,' said Manawyddan at last, ' let us go into England and learn some trade by which we may live.' So they left Wales, and went to Hereford, and there they made saddles, while Mana­wyddan fashioned blue enamel ornaments to put on their trappings. And so greatly did the townsfolk love these saddles, that no others were bought through­out the whole of Hereford, till the saddlers banded together and resolved to slay Manawyddan and his companions.
When Pryderi heard of it, he was very wroth, and wished to stay and fight. But the counsels of Mana­wyddan prevailed, and they moved by night to another city.
' What craft shall we follow ? ' asked Pryderi.
' We will make shields,' answered Manawyddan.
' But do we know anything of that craft ?' answered Pryderi.
' We will try it,' said Manawyddan, and they began
to make shields, and fashioned them after the shape of
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