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' I will not set her free till Pryderi and Rhiannon are with me.'
' Behold, here they come,' said the bishop.
Then Manawyddan held out his hands and greeted Pryderi and Rhiannon, and they seated themselves joyfully on the grass.
' Ah, lord, hast thou not received all thou didst ask ?' said the bishop. ' Set now my wife free !'
' That I will gladly,' answered Manawyddan, unloos­ing the cord from her neck, and as he did so the bishop struck her with his staff, and she turned into a young woman, the fairest that ever was seen.
' Look around upon thy land,' said he, ' and thou wilt see it all tilled and peopled, as it was long ago.' And Manawyddan looked, and saw corn growing in the fields, and cows and sheep grazing on the hill-side, and huts for the people to dwell in. And he was satisfied in his soul, but one more question he put to the bishop.
' What spell didst thou lay upon Pryderi and Rhian­non ?'
' Pryderi has had the knockers of the gate of my palace hung about him, and Rhiannon has carried the collars of my asses around her neck,' said the bishop with a smile.
From the ' Mabinogion."
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