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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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I have found other three people as silly as you,' and he walked away till he came to the town, and seeing the door of a cottage standing open wide, he entered. No man was present, but only some women spinning at their wheels.
' You do not belong to this town,' said he.
' You speak truth,' they answered, ' nor you either ? '
' I do not,' replied he, ' but is it a good place to live in?'
The women looked at each other.
' The men of the town are so silly that we can make them beheve anything we please,' said they.
' Well, here is a gold ring,' replied he, ' and I will give it to the one amongst you who can make her husband beheve the most impossible thing,' and he left them.
As soon as the first husband came home his wife said to him:
' Thou art sick !'
' Am I ? ' asked he.
' Yes, thou art,' she answered; ' take off thy clothes and lie down.'
So he did, and when he was in his bed his wife went to him and said :
' Thou art dead.'
' Oh, am I ? ' asked he.
' Thou art,' said she; ' shut thine eyes and stir neither hand nor foot.'
And dead he felt sure he was.
Soon the second man came home, and his wife said to him:
' You are not my husband !'
' Oh, am I not ? ' asked he.
' No, it is not you,' answered she, so he went away and slept in the wood.
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