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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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Once there lived a farmer who had three daughters, and good useful girls they were, up with the sun, and doing all the work of the house. One morning they all ran down to the river to wash their clothes, when a hoodie came round and sat on a tree close by.
' Wilt thou wed me, thou farmer's daughter ? ' he said to the eldest.
' Indeed I won't wed thee,' she answered, ' an ugly brute is the hoodie.' And the bird, much offended, spread his wings and flew away. But the following day he came back again, and said to the second girl:
' Wilt thou wed me, farmer's daughter ? '
' Indeed I will not,' answered she, ' an ugly brute is the hoodie.' And the hoodie was more angry than before, and went away in a rage. However, after a night's rest he was in a better temper, and thought that he might be more lucky the third time, so back he went to the old place.
' Wilt thou wed me, farmer's daughter ? ' he said to the youngest.
' Indeed I will wed thee ; a pretty creature is the hoodie,' answered she, and on the morrow they were married.
' I have something to ask thee,' said the hoodie when they were far away in his own house. ' Wouldst thou rather I should be a hoodie by day and a man by night, or a man by day and a hoodie by night ? '
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