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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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With the first spoonful he took up the ring, and a thrill ran through him ; in the second he beheld the feather and rose from his chair.
' Who has cooked this feast ? ' asked he, and the real cook, who had come back from the race, was brought before him.
' He may be the cook, but he did not cook this feast,' said the bridegroom, and then inquiry was made, and the girl was summoned to the great hall.
' That is my married wife,' he declared ' and no one else will I have,' and at that very moment the spells fell off him, and never more would he be a hoodie. Happy indeed were they to be together again, and little did they mind that the hill of poison took long to cross, for she had to go some way forwards, and then throw the horse­shoes back for him to put on. Still, at last they were over, and they went back the way she had come, and stopped at the three houses in order to take their little sons to their own home.
But the story never says who had stolen them, nor what the coarse comb had to do with it.
From West Highland Tales.
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