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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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366              THE WINNING OF OLWEN
not withered stumps ? Yet until to-day I have never heard of the man you name. Still, I will guide you to the oldest animal in the world, and the one that has travelled most, the eagle of Gwern Abbey.' And he flew before them, as fast as his old wings would carry him, till he reached the eagle of Gwern Abbey, but when they inquired of the eagle whether he knew aught of Mabon he shook his head.
' When I first came hither,' said the eagle, ' there was a rock here, and every evening I pecked at the stars from the top of it. Now, behold, it is not even a span high ! But only once have I heard of the man you name, and that was when I went in search of food as far as Llyn Llyw. I swooped down upon a salmon, and struck my claws into him, but he drew me down under
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