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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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I ask of Insato to-morrow when he would know the re-ward he shall bestow on me for saving his life?'
'Biz-z-z,' hummed Zengi-mizi, 'ask him for Sipao the Mirror.' And it flew back into its basket.
Gopani-Kufa was astonished at this answer; but know­ing that the words of Zengi-mizi were true words, he de­termined to make the request. So that night they feasted, and on the morrow Insato came to Gopani-Kufa and, giving him greeting joyfully, he said:
1 Now, O my friend, name your choice amongst my pos­sessions and you shall have it!'
'O king!' answered Gopani-Kufa, 'out of all your pos­sessions I will have the Mirror, Sipao.'
The king started. 'O friend, Gopani-Kufa,' he said, 'ask anything but that! I did not think that you would request that which is most precious to me.'
'Let me think over it again then, O king,' said Go­pani-Kufa, ' and to-morrow I will let you know if I change my mind.'
But the king was still much troubled, fearing the loss of Sipao, for the Mirror had magic powers, so that he who owned it had but to ask and his wish would be ful­filled; to it Insato owed all that he possessed.
As soon as the king left him, Gopani-Kufa again took Ze*ngi-mizi out of his basket. ' Zengi-mizi,' he said, 'the king seems loth to grant my request for the Mirror — is there not some other thing of equal value for which I might ask?'
And the wasp answered: ' There is nothing in the world, O Gopani-Kufa, which is of such value as this Mirror, for it is a Wishing Mirror, and accomplishes the desires of him who owns it. If the king hesitates, go to him the next day, and the day after, and in the end he will bestow the Mirror upon you, for you saved his life.'
And it was even so. For three days Gopani-Kufa returned the same answer to the king, and, at last, with tears in his eyes, Insato gave him the Mirror, which was
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