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THE TWO CASKETS                          99
have not even begun yet, for the yarn breaks whenever I touch it.'
'If that is all, dry your eyes,' said the cats; 'we will manage it for you.' And they jumped on the loom, and wove so fast and so skilfully that in a very short time the cloth was ready and was as fine as any king ever wore. The girl was so delighted at the sight of it that she gave each cat a kiss on his forehead as they left the room one be­hind the other as they had come.
' Who has taught you this wisdom ?' asked the old woman, after she had passed her hands twice or thrice over the cloth and could find no roughness anywhere. But the girl only smiled and did not answer. She had learned early the value of silence.
After a few weeks the old woman sent for her maid and told her that as her year of service was now up, she was free to return home, but that, for her part, the girl had served her so well that she hoped she might stay with her. But at these words the maid shook her head, and answered gently:
'I have been happy here, Madam, and I thank you for your goodness to me; but I have left behind me a step­sister and a stepmother, and I am fain to be with them once more.' The old woman looked at her for a moment, and then she said:
'Well, that must be as you like; but as you have worked faithfully for me I will give you a reward. Go now into the loft above the storehouse and there you will find many caskets. Choose the one which pleases you best, but be careful not to open it till you have set it in the place where you wish it to remain.'
The girl left the room to go to the loft, and as soon as she got outside, she found all the cats waiting for her. Walking in procession, as was their custom, they followed her into the loft, which was filled with caskets big and little, plain and splendid. She lifted up one and looked
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