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delight. But the girl was so busy finding a place for it to stand that she took little notice of her mother.
' It will look best here no, here,' she said, setting it first on one piece of furniture and then on another. 'No, after all it is too fine to live in a kitchen, let us place it in the guest chamber.'
So mother and daughter carried it proudly upstairs and put it on a shelf over the fireplace; then, untying the key from the handle, they opened the box. As before, a bright light leapt out directly the lid was raised, but it did not spring from the lustre of jewels, but from hot flames, which darted along the walls and burnt up the cottage and all that was in it, and the mother and daughter as well.
As they had done when the stepdaughter came home, the neighbours all hurried to see what was the matter; but they were too late. Only the hen-house was left standing; and, in spite of her riches, there the stepdaughter lived happily to the end of her days.
(From Thorpe's Yule-Tide Stories.)
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