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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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THE ENCHANTED WREATH             123
'Now what do you say?' she asked proudly.
'Dirty creatures! dirty creatures!' answered the daughter; and the mother wrung her hands and wept, as she knew that all her plans had failed.
At this moment the prince entered with his real wife. 'You both deserve death,' he said, 'and if it were left to me, you should have it. But the princess has begged me to spare your lives, so you will be put into a ship and carried off to a desert island, where you will stay till you die.'
Then the ship was made ready and the wicked woman and her daughter were placed in it, and it sailed away, and no more was heard of them. But the prince and his wife lived together long and happily, and ruled their people well.
(Adapted from Thorpe's Yule-Tide Stories.)
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