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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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said nothing; but, after his hunger was satisfied, he turned to Jack and said:
'That is a very clever trick of yours. Give the table to me, and you shall have something still better.'
'I don't believe there is anything better,' answered Jack.
' Yes, there is. Here is my bag; it will give you as many castles as you can possibly want.'
Jack thought for a moment; then he replied: 'Very well, I will exchange with you.' And passing the table to the old man, he hung the bag over his arm.
Five minutes later he summonned five hundred lancers out of the cornet and bade them go after the old man and fetch back the table.
Now that by his cunning he had obtained possession of the three magic objects, he resolved to return to his native place. Smearing his face with dirt, and tearing his clothes so as to look like a beggar, he stopped the passers by and, on pretence of seeking money or food, he questioned them about the village gossip. In this manner he learned that his brothers had become great men, much respected in all the country round. When he heard that, he lost no time in going to the door of their fine house and imploring them to give him food and shelter; but the only thing he got was hard words, and a command to beg elsewhere. At length, however, at their mother's entreaty, he was told that he might pass the night in the stable. Here he waited until everybody in the house was sound asleep, when he drew his bag from under his cloak, and desired that a castle might appear in that place; and the cornet gave him soldiers to guard the castle, while the table furnished him with a good supper. In the morning, he caused it all to vanish, and when his brothers entered the stable they found him lying on the straw.
Jack remained here for many days, doing nothing, and as far as anybody knew eating nothing. This
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