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THE ROVER OF THE PLAIN            193
'Ah, you are not dead after all,' cried they; 'and have found a wife to your liking, though you would have none of our girls. Well, well, you have chosen your own path; and if ill comes of it beware lest you grumble.'
Next day the husband took his wife to the fields and showed her which were his, and which belonged to his mother. The girl listened carefully to all he told her,
and walked with him back to the hut; but close to the door she stopped, and said:
'I have dropped my necklace of beads in the field, and I must go back and look for it.' But in truth she had done nothing of the sort, and it was only an excuse to go and seek the buffalo.
The beast was crouching under a tree when she came up, and snorted with pleasure at the sight of her.
'You can roam about this field, and this, and this,' she said, 'for they belong to my husband; and that is
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