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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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till he heard the crow calling. Then he flung off the blanket and sprang out, while the basket vanished in the sky.
He walked on quickly down the track that led to the hut, when, before him, he saw his wife with his little son on her back.
'Oh! there is father at last,' cried the boy; but the mother bade him cease from idle talking.
'But, mother, it is true; father is coming!' repeated the child. And, to satisfy him, the woman turned round and perceived her husband.
Oh, how glad they all were to be together again! And when the wind whistled through the forest, and the snow stood in great banks round the door, the father used to take the little boy on his knee and tell him how he caught salmon in the Land of the Sun.
(From the Journal oj the Anthropological InstituU.)
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