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youngest Stalo had buried his treasure under the very place where she was sitting.
'Dear mother,' said Lyma, who had come in unseen, and was kneeling in front of the fire. 'Dear mother, do you know who it is you have been talking with?'
The old woman started, but answered quietly:
'It is a Sodno, I suppose?'
'You have guessed right,' replied Lyma.
The mother of the Stalos looked round for her iron cane, which she always used to kill her victims, but it was not there, for Lyma had put it in the fire.
'Where is my iron cane?' asked the old woman.
'There!' answered Lyma, pointing to the flames.
The old woman sprang forward and seized it, but her clothes caught fire, and in a few minutes she was burned to ashes.
So the Sodno brothers found the treasure, and they carried it, and their sister and the reindeer, to their own home, and were the richest men in all Lapland.
(From Lapplandische Mahrchen, J. C. Poestion.)
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