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A Collection of Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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uncle, whose life had been passed in the study of chem­istry. He could leave no money to his nephew, as he had a son of his own; but he taught him all he knew, and at his death Gilguerillo entered an office, where he worked for many hours daily. In his spare time, instead of playing with the other boys, he passed hours poring over books, and because he was timid and liked to be alone he was held by every one to be a little mad. Therefore,
when it became known that he had promised to cure the king's foot, and had ridden away — no one knew where — a roar of laughter and mockery rang through the town, and jeers and scoffing words were sent after him.
But if they had only known what were Gilguerillo's thoughts they would have thought him madder than ever.
The real truth was that, on the morning when the prin-
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