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ESBEN AND THE WITCH                  259
As he could get no other horse, he went into the forest, broke off a branch, stripped the bark off it, so that it became still whiter than his brothers' horses, and, mounted on this, rode off after his eleven brothers.                                                     |5W qETS AHORSE TO°
The brothers rode on the whole day, and towards evening they came to a great forest, which they en­tered. Far within the wood they came to a little house, and knocked at the door. There came an old, ugly, bearded hag, and opened it, and they asked her whether all of them could get quarters for the night.
' Yes,' said the old, bearded hag, 1 you shall all have quarters for the night, and, in addition, each of you shall have one of my daughters.'
The eleven brothers thought that they had come to very hospitable people. They were well attended to, and
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