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tent, and he found favour in the eyes of Marya Morevna, and she married him. The fair Princess, Marya Morevna, carried him off into her own realm.
They spent some time together, and then the Princess took it into her head to go a warring. So she handed over all the house­keeping affairs to Prince Ivan, and gave him these instructions :
' Go about everywhere, keep watch over everything; only do not venture to look into that closet there.'
He couldn't help doing so. The moment Marya Morevna had gone he rushed to the closet, pulled open the door, and looked in— there hung Koshchei the Deathless, fettered by twelve chains. Then Koshchei entreated Prince Ivan, saying:
' Have pity upon me and give me to drink ! Ten years long have I been here in torment, neither eating nor drinking; my throat is utterly dried up.'
The Prince gave him a bucketful of water ; he drank it up and asked for more, saying :
' A single bucket of water will not quench my thirst; give me more !'
The Prince gave him a second bucketful. Koshchei drank it up and asked for a third, and when he had swallowed the third bucketful, he regained his former strength, gave his chains a shake, and broke all twelve at once.
' Thanks, Prince Ivan !' cried Koshchei the Deathless,' now you will sooner see your own ears than Marya Morevna! ' and out of the window he flew in the shape of a terrible whirlwind. And he came up with the fair Princess Marya Morevna as she was going her way, laid hold of her and carried her off home with him. But Prince Ivan wept full sore, and he arrayed himself and set out a-wandering, saying to himself, ' Whatever happens, I will go and look for Marya Morevna !'
One day passed, another day passed; at the dawn of the third day he saw a wondrous palace, and by the side of the palace stood an oak, and on the oak sat a falcon bright. Down flew the Falcon from the oak, smote upon the ground, turned into a brave youth, and cried aloud :
' Ha, dear brother-in-law ! how deals the Lord with you ? '
Out came running the Princess Marya, joyfully greeted her brother Ivan, and began inquiring after his health, and telling him all about herself. The Prince spent three days with them ; then he said:
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