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and let ns see if we can get hold of it.' So out he went, and the others with him, and away went the hare, and they after it, in real earnest.
In the meantime, however, the Master Thief took the joint and ran off with it, and whether the Governor got any roast meat for his dinner that day I know not, but I know that he had no roast hare, though he chased it till he was both hot and tired.
At noon came the Priest, and when the Governor had told him
of the trick played by the Master Thief there was no end to the ridicule he cast on the Governor.
' For my part,' said the Priest, ' I can't imagine myself being made a fool of by such a fellow as that !'
' Well, I advise you to be careful,' said the Governor, ' for he may be with you before you are at all aware.'
But the Priest repeated what he had said, and mocked the Governor for having allowed himself to be made such a fool of.
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