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the master. ' You may come here again in a year's time, and then I will tell you if the lad suits me.' And then they set off again and were gone.
When the man got home the old woman inquired what had become of the son.
'Ah! Heaven only knows what has become of him!' said the man. ' They went up aloft.' And then he told her what had happened.
But when the woman heard that, and found that the man did not at all know either when their son would be out of his apprentice-
ship, or where he had gone, she packed him off again to find out, and gave him a bag of food and a roll of tobacco to take away with him.
"When he had walked for some time he came to a great wood, and it stretched before him all day long as he went on, and when night began to fall he saw a great light, and went towards it. After a long, long time he came to a small hut at the foot of a rock, outside which an old woman was standing drawing water up from a well with her nose, it was so long.
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