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838                                      SNOWDROP
Now it happened one day that a Prince came to the wood and passed by the Dwarfs' house. He saw the coffin on the hill, with the beautiful Snowdrop inside it, and when he had read what was written on it in golden letters, he said to the Dwarf:
' Give me the coffin. I'll give you whatever you like for it.' But the Dwarf said: ' No ; we wouldn't part with it for all the gold in the world.'
' Well, then,' he replied, ' give it to me, because I can't live with­out Snowdrop. I will cherish and love it as my dearest posses­sion.'
He spoke so sadly that the good Dwarfs had pity on him, and gave him the coffin, and the Prince made his servants bear it away on their shoulders. Now it happened that as they were going down the hill they stumbled over a bush, and jolted the coffin so violently that the poisonous bit of apple Snowdrop had swallowed fell out of her throat. She gradually opened her eyes, lifted up the lid of the coffin, and sat up alive and well.
' Oh! dear me, where am I ? ' she cried.
The Prince answered joy­fully, ' You are with me,' and he told her all that had happened, adding, ' I love you better than anyone in the whole wide world. Will you come with me to my father's palace and be my wife ? '
Snowdrop consented, and went with him, and the marriage was celebrated with great pomp and splendour.
Now Snowdrop's wicked step-mother was one of the guests invited to the wedding feast. When she had dressed herself very gorgeously for the occasion, she went to the mirror, and said :
' Mirror, mirror, hanging there, Who in all the land's most fair ? '
and the mirror answered :
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