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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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The Princess charges the Lion
Virgilius and the Evil Spirit          ....
Febilla's Punishment ......
Virgilius the Sorcerer carries aivay the Princess of Babylon          .......
Mogarzea and his Son return Home
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The Best Bee.........
Defeat of the Mountain-Spirit by the Youth and Schippeitaro
The Lion and the Fox come to the Rescue .
The Prince meets a. strange Man in the Wood
How the Black Cow was tricked .
The Flight along the Hedge of Peas .
Your Heart is heavy with two Sorrows
Stan Bolovan meets his Family .
Stan Bolovan outwits the Dragon
The Dragon alarmed .....
The Gazelle brings Clothes to his Master
The Gazelle cuts off the Serpent's Heads
Two out of a Sack .....
In future leave the Stick alone
The Emperor whose right Eye laughed while his left Eye wept
Petru ivakes the Giant up .
The Enchanted Knife         ....
A Hare for a Kiss .....
Jem follows the Old Woman
Hannah does not recognise Jem .
The Goose finds the Magic Herb
Hassebu and the Serpent-King .
The Impudent Young Men
What the Young Man saw in the Wood
The Stepmother digs a Grave for the Babies .
The Punishment of the Stepmother
The Witches laughing ....
Fet-Fruners and lliane escape from the Mother of the Genius
The Prince feeds the Baby from his Flask .
For a moment the Dove's Head becomes that of a beautiful Gir
The Copper Horse .....
Where do you come from? ....
The Boy pipes to the Elves ....
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