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TWO IN A SACK                        157
'Greedy pack ! Thievish pack ! One— two — Give the peasant back his sack ! One — two — '
And they went on beating till the woman called to her eldest daughter: ' Go and fetch your cousin from the bathroom. Tell him these two ruffians are beating me black and blue.'
' I've not finished rubbing myself yet,' said the peasant.
And the two ruffians kept on beating as they sang:
' Greedy pack ! Thievish pack ! One — two — Give the peasant back his sack! One — two — '
Then the woman sent her second daughter and said: ' Quick, quick, get him to come to me.'
' I'm just washing my head,' said the man.
Then she sent the youngest girl, and he said : ' I've not done drying myself.'
At last the woman could hold out no longer, and sent him the sack she had stolen.
Now he had quite finished his bath, and as he left the bathroom he cried :
'Two into the sack.'
And the two crept back at once into the sack.
Then the man took both sacks, the good and the bad one, and went away home.
When he was near the house he shouted : ' Hallo, old woman, come and meet me ! '
His wife only screamed out:
'You broomstick, come here! Your back shall pay for this.'
The man went into the cottage, hung his sack on a nail, and said, as the crane had taught him :
' Two out of the sack.'
Instantly two pretty lads sprang out of the sack,
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