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130 Fairy Stories Adapted & Arranged for young people

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The kind reception awarded to the author's translation of " Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales," and the great success.of that book, induce her to hope that the following pages will be equally approved.
They contain a complete translation from the German of the Household Stories, or Fairy Tales collected by the brothers Grimm from various sources, and of many of which they were the authors.
The first volume of the tales appeared in the year 1812; a second in 1814; and others at various times since then, up to the present year. From this later and complete edition the translation has been made.
The tales are full of incident and wonderful adventure; and the hairs'-breadth escapes from danger into which the heroes and heroines fall are not always attributed to supernatural causes, but to their own tact and courage.
The tales are highly imaginative, and often full of poetry, especially in che descriptions of dark green forests, high mountains, and deep valleys. The characters introduced display a spirit of enterprise which reminds us of the warlike heroes of this ancient Fatherland, who were, in a certain measure, the founders of two of the greatest empires of Europe.