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FAIR Y TELL TR UE.                         a x
arose, " Oh ! if I could only confess to the good fairy before I die, and tell her that I did open that door." As she thought this her voice came back to her, and she cried, "Oh! good fairy Tell True, I am guilty."
As soon as the words were out of her mouth the rain began to pour down, and quickly put out the flames. A bright light sur­rounded her, and in it appeared the good fairy, leading by the hand the queen's dear, long-lost boys, and carrying in her arms the little baby girl. The fairy spoke kindly to her and said, " Now that thou hast confessed thy sin and are forgiven, I can restore to thee not only the power of speech, but also thy three dear children, and promise thee happiness and joy for the re­mainder of thy life. For," she said, " those who confess and forsake their sins shall find mercy." .
A Father had two sons, the eldest clever and sensible, but the younger was so stupid that he could neither learn nor understand any thing, and people would say, " What a burden that stupid boy must be to his father."
Whatever the father wanted done, Jack, the eldest boy, was obliged to do, even to take messages, for his brother was too stupid to understand or remember. But Jack was a terrible coward, and if his father wished him to go anywhere late in the evening, and the road led through the churchyard, he would say, " Oh ! no, father, I can't go there, it makes me tremble and shake so,"
Sometimes when they sat round the fire of an evening, while some one related tales that frightened him, he would say, " Oh ! please don't go on, it makes me shake all over."
The youngest boy seated in his corner among the listeners, would open his eyes quite wide and say, " I can't think what he means by saying it makes him shiver and shake; it must be some­thing very wonderful that could make me shiver and shake."
At last one day the father spoke to his youngest son very plainly and said, " Listen, you there in the corner: you are grow