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30             THE YOUTH WHO COULD NOT
the body remained as cold as before. Presently he remem­bered that when two lie in bed together they warm each other, so he placed the dead man in bed, covered him over, and lay down beside him. After awhile this seemed to produce warmth in the body, the blood began to circulate, and at last the dead man moved and spoke.
"There now, dear cousin," said Hans, "see, I have warmed you into life again, as I said I could." But the dead man sprang up and cried, " Yes, and now I will strangle you."                        v
" What !" cried Hans, " is that your gratitude ? then you may as well go back into your coffin again." He leaped out of bed as he spoke, and, seizing the body, he threw it into the coffin and shut the lid down closely upon it
Then the six tall men walked in, lifted up the coffin and carried it away.
" That's over," said Hans. " Oh ! I am sure nothing will ever teach me to shiver and shake."
As he spoke a man walked in who was taller and larger than any of the others, and the look of his eyes was frightful; he was old, and wore a long white beard.
"You wretched creature," cried the man, "I will soon teach you what it is to shiver and shake, for you shall die."
"Not so fast, friend," answered Hans. "You cannot kill me without my own consent."
" I will soon have you on the ground," replied the monster.
" Softly, softly, do not boast; you may be strong, but you will find that I am stronger than you."
"That is to be proved," said the old man; "if you are stronger than I am, I will let you go. Come, we will try."
The old man, followed by Hans, led the way through long dark passages and cellars, till they saw the reflection of a smith's fire, and presently came to a forge. Then the old man took an axe, and with one blow cut through the anvil right down to the ground.
" I can do better than that," said Hans, taking up the axe and going towards another anvil. The monster was so sur­prised at this daring on the part of Hans that he followed him closely, and as he leaned over to watch what the youth was going to do, his long white beard fell on the anvil Hans raised his