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axe, split the anvil at one blow, wedging the old man's beard in the opening at the same time.
"Now I have got you, old fellow," cried Hans, "prepare for the death you deserve." Then he took up an iron bar and beat the old man till he cried for mercy, and promised to give him all the riches that were hidden in the castle.
At this Hans drew out the axe from the anvil, and set the old man's beard free, while he watched him closely. He kept his word, however, and leading the young man back to the castle, pointed out to him a cellar in which were throe immense chests full of gold.
"There is one for the poor," said he; "another for the king, and the third for yourself."
Hans was about to thank him, when the cock crew, and the old man vanished, leaving the youth standing in the dark.
" I must find my way out of this place," he said, after groping about for some time, but at last daylight penetrated into the vaults, and he succeeded in reaching his old room, and lying down by the fire, slept soundly till he was aroused by the king's arrival.
" Well," he said, in a glad voice when he saw the young man alive, "have you learnt to shiver and shake yet?"
"NoP replied Hans, "what was there to make me fear? My dead cousin came to see me, and a bearded old man tried to conquer me, but I managed him, and he has shewn me where to find hidden treasures of gold, and how could I shiver and shake at these visitors r
" Then," said the king, " you have released the castle from en­chantment. I will give you, as I promised, my daughter in marriage."
" That is good news," cried Hans. " But I have not learnt to shiver and shake after all."
The gold was soon after brought away from the castle, and the marriage celebrated with great pomp. Young Prince Hans, as he was now called, did not seem quite happy after all. Not even the love of his bride could satisfy him. He was always saying : " When shall I learn to shiver and shake ?"
This troubled the Princess very much, till her lady's-maid said, "I will help you in this matter; I will show you how to make the Prince shiver and shake, that you may depend upon."