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But when he came to the brook and stooped over to drink, the weight of the stones in his stomach overbalanced him, so that he fell in and was drowned.
The little kids and their mother ran over towards the brook when they heard the splash and saw what happened. Then they danced round their mother for joy, crying out, " The wolf is dead. The wolf is dead." And this was the end of the greedy wolf.
There was once a king who became so very ill that he felt sure he must be lying on his death-bed, so he said to those around him, " Send faithful John to me." Now John was the king's favourite servant, who had lived with him for many years, and had always been faithful and true. As soon as the faithful servant appeared at the king's bedside, the king said to him,
" My trustworthy friend, I feel that my end is approaching, and I have no anxiety or care on my mind excepting for my son; he is still young and does not always know how to guide himself. If you will promise to instruct him in all that he ought to know and be to him a second father, then shall I close my eyes and sleep in peace."
"I promise," replied faithful John. "I will never leave him, ind I will serve him faithfully always, though it should cost me ny life,"
" Then," said the king, " now I can die in peace and in com-
Drt. After my death you must take my son over the whole castle
nd show him all the rooms, the saloons, the vaults and the
easures that are concealed therein. But the last room at the end
f the long gallery he must not enter, for it contains the statue
: the ' The Princess of the Golden Dome.' If he should see
is he will fall deeply in love, and will be placed in great and
any dangers; it must be your duty to watch him carefully."
Then faithful John took the old king's hand and again promised
to do all he wished. After this the king's mind became calm and
Peaceful, and he laid his head on his pillow and died.
As soon as the old king was laid in his graye, iaithful John re-