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M Dear wife," he replied, " we have the power to bring him back to life, but it would cost us both our dear little sons, whom we must sacrifice for him."
The queen turned very pale and looked terrified, and her heart seemed to stand still, yet she said, " We owe him even this sacri­fice because of his great devotion to us."
Then was the king glad to find that they both thought alike on the matter, and joyfully unlocking the cupboard, called out the children and faithful John. " See !" he said, " Heaven be praised, John is set free, and our little sons we have still with us."
Then he related to her how it had been brought about, and from that hour they lived in happiness and peace to the end of their lives.
A Peasant had led his cow to the market and sold her for seven dollars. On his way home he had to pass a pond, but long before he reached it, he could hear the frogs crying, " Akt, akt, akt, akt."*
"Yes, I hear you," he said, " screaming out in your snug quar­ters, but it's seven I have received, not eight." As soon as he reached the water he exclaimed, " Stupid creatures that you are, don't you know better ? seven dollars are not eight."
The frogs, taking no heed, continued to cry, "Akt, akt, akt."
"Now," said the peasant; "if you do not believe me I can count it out to you, and he took the money out of his pocket and counted over the seven dollars in seventy-four groschens.
The frogs cared nothing for the peasant's reckoning, but went on croaking, "Akt, akt, akt, akt,f
" Oh !; cried the peasant in a rage, " do you know better how to count than I do?" and he threw the money into the water, right in the midst of them. Then he stood and waited till they were ready to return his property to him, but the frogs were constant to their first opinion and screamed out still louder, " Akt, akt, akt, akt," and did not attempt to throw the money back again to him.
He waited for a good while till evening came on, and he
* The word "acht," is German for eight.