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"Ah, ah," muttered the Jew, " he is grumbling even now, and speaking disrespectfully of my lord the king. Catch me quarrelling with such a sum of money because I couldn't count it."
The Jew had spoken loud enough for the king to hear, and he called him and desired him to fetch the ungrateful man again before his majesty. " You must appear before the king immedi­ately," cried the Jew, " There must be no excuse."
" Indeed, I cannot," he replied, "who ever heard of a man with such a heap of gold in his pockets I as have, going before the king in such a ragged coat as this?"
The Jew seeing that the peasant was determined, and fearing that the wrath of the king would cool, promised- to lend him a coat which was very good and nearly new. " I lend it you for true friendship's sake," he said, " and that is seldom done in the world."
So the peasant put it on, and went into the king's presence. But when the king repeated what he had been told by the Jew, the peasant exclaimed, "Your majesty, it is all false, there is never a true word out of that Jew's mouth. I dare say he will affirm that the coat I have on belongs to him."
"What do you mean?" screamed the Jew, "you know it is my coat; I lent it you out of pure friendship, that you might appear before the king."
" Yes, of course, to hear your lies about me, and get punished by having the money taken from me," replied the peasant. Then he repeated what he had really said at the inn, and the king dis­missed them both, saying that the Jew's word was evidently not to be taken, and therefore the countryman might keep the coat as his own as some recompense for the Jew's false accusation.
The peasant went home joyfully to count the gold in his pockets, and said to himself, "This time, at least, I have made a, good bargain."
A Fiddler once set out on a journey, and on his way came to a forest through which he must pass, " J am very lonely all by my-