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her tears fell on his eyes, and so healed and cleared them of the injury done by the thorns that he could soon see as well as ever. Then he travelled with her to his kingdom, and she became his wife, and the remainder of their days were spent in happiness and content.
Once upon a time a husband, who had lost his wife and had one daughter, married a widow, who also had a daughter. The maidens were brought up together, and played together as if they had been sisters.
One day the widow said to the man's daughter, " Go and tell your father that I will marry him as soon as thou canst wash in milk and drink wine, but my child shall wash in water and drink water."
Then the maiden went home and told her father what the woman had said.
Then, said the man, " What shall we do ? This marriage would be a very happy thing, but it is also a great trouble."
He thought for a while, and at last finding he could make no excuse, he pulled off his boot, and said, " Take this boot—there is a hole in the sole—and go with it to the loft; then hang it on a large nail, and pour water into it. If it holds the water, then I will again take a wife; but if it runs through the hole, I will not marry."
Then the maiden did as her father had told her, and the water drew the hole together, so that the boot became full even to the brim, and she went to inform her father what had occurred.
As soon as he heard what had happened, he rose and went himself to see the boot; and, finding she had spoken the truth, he went at once to the widow, and after a short courtship they were married.
On the first morning the husband's daughter had milk placed for her to wash in and wine to drink, but the wife's daughter had water only. On the second morning there was nothing but water for both of them; but on the third day, the wine and milk were