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wood, and feeling very tired, laid himself down under a tree to rest. Presently, in the branches, he heard a chattering of birds in a nest, and a golden apple fell down into his hand. Imme­diately three young ravens flew down to him, perched themselves on his knee, and said, " We are the three young ravens which you saved from being starved to death with hunger. As soon as we were grown large and strong enough to fly, we took our flight to distant countries, and heard that you were in search of a golden apple, so we have travelled over the sea, even to the end of the world, where the tree of life grows, and have brought away an apple for you."
Full of joy, the young man forgot his fatigue, and returning quickly, placed before the beautiful princess the golden apple.. She had not now another word to say in opposition to their mar­riage. They divided the golden apple between them, and ate it together. Then was the heart of the princess softened and filled with love for the brave youth, and they lived in uninterrupted happiness, to a good old age.
In a village there lived an old woman, who one day gathered some beans from her garden to cook for her dinner. She had a good fire on the hearth; but to make it burn more quickly, she threw on a handful of straw. As she threw the beans into the pot to boil, one of them fell on the floor unobserved by the old woman, and not far from a wisp of straw which was lying near. Suddenly a glowing coal bounced out of the fire, and fell close to them. They both started away and exclaimed, " Dear friend, don't come near me till you are cooler. Whatever brings you out here?"
" Oh," replied the coal, " the heat luckily made me so strong, that I was able to bounce from the fire. Had I not done so, my death would have been certain, and I should have been burnt to ashes by this time."
"Then," said the bean, "I have also escaped with a whole