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he said, " Wait and see what I will give you;" then he dashed the cloth unmercifully amongst them.
Presently he stopped to see the havoc he had made, and counted no fewer than seven lying with their legs stretched out, quite dead. "Am I such a churl," he exclaimed, "that I must admire my own bravery alone? No, no, the whole town shall hear about it;" and the little tailor, in great haste, cut out a waist-belt, on which he sewed and stitched large letters forming these words, " Seven at one stroke." " This town I" said he again, " indeed, the whole world shall hear of it!" And his heart waggled with pride like a lamb's tail.
The little tailor bound the girdle round his waist, and determined to go out into the world, for he considered his workshop too small for a display of such bravery. Before starting he searched in every corner of the house to discover if there was anything he could take with him, but found nothing but an old cheese, which he stuck in his pocket.
As he passed out he saw before the door a bird caught in the bushes : this he also placed in his pocket with the cheese. Then he get out on his journey, tripping lightly along on his legs, for he was so light and pliant that he could walk a long way without feeling fatigue.
The road he took led him up a high mountain. When he reached the summit, there, quite at his ease, sat an enormous giant, who looked at him in a friendly manner.
The brave little tailor went straight up to him, and said, " Good morning, comrade. Upon my word, you have a grand prospect of the world stretched out before you. As for me, I am travelling in search of adventures—will you go with me ?;
The giant looked quite disdainfully at the little tailor, and ex­claimed, " You conceited little imp ! What! go with a contemp­tible little morsel of a man like you ?"
"Stop," cried the tailor, "not so fast;" and unbuttoning his coat, he pointed to the words on his girdle. " If you can read, that will show you whether I am a man or not."
The giant read, " Seven at one stroke !" and thinking it must be seven men whom the tailor had killed, he began to feel more respect for him.
"Well, now, I will prove you," said the giant. "Look here,