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This is really too bad," cried he, springing up in a fury and striking his comrade against the tree so violently that it trembled.
The other returned him as good as he gave, and a regular combat followed. So furiously did they fight, that they uprooted the large trees near them to use as weapons, the earth shook under their feet, and the conflict only ended when they both lay dead on the ground.
Down sprang the little tailor, exclaiming, " It is a lucky thing for me that they did not uproot the tree in which I sat, or I should have had to spring like a squirrel from one tree to another. How­ever, it is all right now."
Then he drew his sword, and after cutting the throats of the giants, went out of the forest and returned to the knights who were waiting for him.
 The deed is done," he said. " I have made an end of them both. It was no easy task, I can tell you, for in their struggles for life they rooted up trees for weapons; but all this was useless against one who has killed ' seven at a stroke.'"
" And are you not hurt or wounded ?" asked one of the soldiers.
"Not a very likely thing," he replied. "No, not a hair of my head has been even ruffled."
The soldiers would not believe him, till he led them into the wood, where they found the giants weltering in their blood, and the trees they had rooted up lying near them.
The little tailor returned to the court, and presented himself before the king to claim the promised reward; but the king re­gretted having promised, and all his anxiety now was to get rid of the little hero.
" Ere I can give you my daughter, and half my kingdom." said the king, "you must perform one more heroic deed. There is another dangerous creature in my forests, a fierce unicorn, who spreads destruction wherever he is found. You must kill him also."
"One unicorn will be nothing, after two giants," he replied. " Seven at one blow, that is my business."
So he started off again to the forest, taking with him a rope and an axe, and again asked those who accompanied him to remain outside.
He had not long to wait. The unicorn very quickly made his appearance, and as soon as he saw the tailor sprang forward to pin him to the ground with his horn.