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band, and come to the window ! Look here, ought you not to be king of all this land ? then I should be queen. Go and tell the fish I want you to be king."
" Ah, wife," he replied, " I don't want to be king, I can't go and ask that."
" Well," she replied, " if you don't care about being king, I wish to be queen, so go and tell the fish what I say."
" It's no use, wife, I cannot."
" Why not ? Come, there's a good man, go at once; I must be queen."
The husband turned away in a sorrowful mood. " It is not right," he said, " it is not right." However, he went, and as he stood on the sea-shore, he noticed that the water looked quite dark and rough, while the waves foamed and dashed against the shore, as if they were angry. But still he saidó
H Flounder, flounder, in the sea, Come, I pray, and talk to me ; For my wife, Dame Isabel, Wishes what I fear to tell."
" What r cried the fish, rising to the surface, " she is not con≠tent, and she wants to be queen ? Very well, then; go home, and you will find her so."
When he got near home, he found the castle had disappeared, and he saw at a distance a palace, which seemed to grow larger as he approached it. At one end was a large tower, and a noble terrace in front A sentinel stood at the gates, and a band of soldiers, with drums and trumpets, were performing martial music. On arriving at the palace, he found it was built of pre≠cious marble. Within no expense had been spared. The furni≠ture was of the most precious materials, and the curtains and carpets fringed with gold. The husband passed through the doors into a state apartment of immense size, and there sat his wife upon a lofty throne ot gold and precious stones. She had a crown of gold upon her head, and a golden sceptre in her hand adorned with jewels. On each side of her stood six pages in a row, each one a head taller than the one next him. He went up to his wife, and said, " Ah, wife, so you are queen now "
" Yes," she said, " I am queen,"