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" Go home," he said, " Your wife is Pope."
He turned to go back, but what a change he found, the Palace had vanished, and in its place stood a large Cathedral surrounded by marble pillars.
On a high throne sat his wife, with thousands of lights around her, dressed in robes embroidered with gold, and wearing a large golden crown on her head. Candles of all kinds stood near her, some as thick as a tower, others as small as a rushlight, while emperors, kings and nobles kneeled at her footstool, and kissed her slippers.
"Well, wife," said her husband, "so you are Pope?
"Yes," she said. "I am."
He stood still for a time watching her, and at length he remarked, " You cannot be higher than the Pope; so I suppose now you are content."
" I am not quite sure," she said. But when evening came, and they retired to rest, she could not sleep for thinking of what she should next wish for. Her husband slept soundly, for he had tired himself the day before; but she rose even before the day broke, and stood at the window to watch the sun rise. It was a beautiful sight, and she exclaimed, as she watched it, " Oh, if I only had the power to make the sun rise. Husband, wake up," she added, pushing him in the ribs with her elbows, " wake up, and go and tell the enchanted prince that I wish to be equal to the Creator, and make the sun rise."
The husband was so frightened at this that he tumbled out of bed, and exclaimed, "Ah, wife, what didst thou say?"
She repeated the words.
Her husband fell on his knees before her. " Don't ask me to do this, I cannot," he cried, but she flew into a rage, and drove him from the house.
The poor fisherman went down to the shore in terror, for a dreadful storm had arisen, and he could scarcely stand on his feet. Ships were wrecked, boats tossed to and fro, and rocks rolled into the sea.
In his terror and confusion he heard a voice from amidst the storm. " Your wife wishes to be equal to the Creator. Go home, man, and find her again in her dirty hovel by the sea."
He went home, to find the glories, the riches, and the palaces